Hub and Fan Blade External Grip Puller Set

Remove press-fit hubs and fan blades in a variety of sizes. Set includes a hub adapter and long jaws so you can grip larger components.

For hub-mounted components such as blower wheels, secure the puller with the included set screws. For fan blades, attach the puller with the removable jaws, hooking a jaw around each fan blade to secure.

Capacity Not Rated
Puller Material Aluminum
Jaw Material Steel
Forcing Screw Material Steel
Includes 4-Jaw Puller (For 3″-6″ OD; 1 1/2” Reach; 1/4” Width × 1″ Long Tip)
Forcing Screw (1/2“-20 Thread Size; 9″ Long)
Four Long Jaws (For 3”-8 1/2” OD; 2 5/8” Reach)
Hub Adapter (For 2 3/4” OD)
Three Set Screws
Plastic Case


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