Corrosion Resistant Stored Pressure Mobile Foam Fire Extinguisher

Product Description

AFFF Foam: AFFF foam extinguisher is effective on B class hydrocardon fuel fires such as oil, petroleum, aviation fuel, and is particularly suitable where fast knockdown is essential. It is compatible with all dry powders. Its excellent wetting characteristics make it useful in Combating Class A fire as well.

  • Colour coded self adhesive band (complies to BS381 ref:166)
  • Stainless Steel Neck Ring, Squeeze Lever and Bottom Handle
  • External Body Coated with Epoxy Marine Paint System
  • Squeeze Grip Head Cap Body (Nickle Chromed)
  • Reinforced Synthetic Rubber Hose
  • Maintenance Record Tag
  • High Performance


Model CR-MFM-45 CR-MFM-100 CR-MFM-150
Type Stored Pressure Type
Extinguishant AFFF Foam (Premix)
Capacity 45 litres 100 litres 150 litres
Propellant Nitrogen (N2)
Valve / Headcap Brass Valve with Pressure Gauge
Discharge Hose 16 mm x 6 m 19 mm x 6m 19 mm x 6m
Wheel Diameter 300 mm 350 mm 350 mm
Frame Work Steel Pipe / Flat Bar
Cylinder Material Steel
Body Diameter 386 mm 552 mm 552
Overall Height 980 mm 1310 mm 1490
Width 565 mm 685 mm 685
Depth 670 mm 930 mm 930
Approx Empty Weight 47 kg 85 kg 115kg
Approx Full Weight 92 kg 185 kg 265kg
Working Temp. Range + 5°C to + 60°C
Working Pressure (20°C) 12 Bar
Test Pressure 21.5 Bar 22.5 Bar 22.5 Bar
Safety Valve Lift Pressure 17 – 21 Bar
Approx Discharge Time 109 sec 206 sec 300sec
Approx Discharge Range 10 – 12 m 11 – 13 m 11 – 13 m
Fire Rating / Class A IIIB A IVB A IVB
Coating (Internal) High Build Epoxy Tank Coating
External Coating Epoxy Marine Paint System over Sandblasted Body
Paint Finishing Signal Red-RAL 3000
Design & Manufacture to BS EN 1866

** 20 meter hose length available on request

Additional information

Weight 92 kg
Dimensions 386 × 565 × 980 cm


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