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Key Factors for House Renovation in Malaysia

By March 24, 2024Kerja Renovasi

Key Factors for House Renovation in Malaysia

Renovating your home in Malaysia? By considering these factors, you'll ensure a successful renovation project in Malaysia. Here are some key factors to consider for house renovations that you can follow below:


1. Budget for house renovation

Budget plays an important role in ensuring the success of renovation projects. If the existing budget is insufficient to finance the renovation, the project may be delayed or postponed, depending on its priority. To proceed with the project, it is imperative to establish a sufficient budget beforehand. To get how much budget you need to prepare, you can start consult with us now!

2. Time Of Year

Malaysia experiences two distinct seasons: summer and monsoon. As a result, picking the ideal month and time to complete improvements is important. For example, scheduling renovations during the rainy season may cause delays in the completion of your project because labourers won't be able to complete jobs like painting, bricklaying and so on. In conclusion, while starting renovations, having good weather must be the priority.

3. Schedule

To ensure completion at every stage of the renovation process, keeping you on track and running smoothly toward project completion, it's essential. Additionally, you can either create your schedule or utilize a contractor's schedule to monitor the progress of each stage of your renovation process. This allows you to observe the progress of your project using tools such as a Gantt chart or other charts, effectively coordinating various aspects of your project.

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4. Exterior

Prioritizing the exterior of your house is essential to enhance both its aesthetics and functionality, protecting it from weather and moisture damage. By addressing external repairs and upgrades early on, such as roofs, sidings, windows, doors, and landscaping, you can significantly improve the overall appearance and resilience of your home. This sets a positive tone for the entire renovation project, laying a solid foundation for further enhancements and ensuring a successful outcome.

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5. Floor plans

As we know, developing a comprehensive floor plan and layout design is essential for optimizing space and functionality in your home. Therefore, you'll begin your renovation by creating a plan that considers aspects like traffic flow, room configuration, storage options, and your lifestyle needs for each area of your home. Ultimately, it's advisable to collaborate with a professional architect or designer to create a detailed floor plan that aligns with your vision and effectively accommodates your remodeling goals.

6. Interior

We understand that a cohesive interior design is crucial for creating a unified look and feel in your home. Thus, you aim for the interior to be aesthetically pleasing and reflective of your personal taste. This involves changes to elements such as the color scheme, architectural style, and design theme to align with your preferences and lifestyle, whether you prefer a modern or traditional aesthetic. Ultimately, the modification process will help guide your decisions, ensuring that the result is harmonious and tailored to your taste.

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